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Hoback Custom Knives

Sweeper Fixed blade

Sweeper Fixed blade

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Sweeper Fixed blade

When I designed this blade it was to fill a nitch that I hadent quite covered yet. Ive made alot of Dashi in my years of knife making, but never one of this size and level. So I got to work here in the custom shop in Idaho and started a epic project.

This knife is 100% made by hand, no CNC, no out sourcing. Complies completely with the FTC standard for 100% USA made.

No dealer sales are made for Hoback Customs

I wanted to keep this knife simple, but still give it a very usefully elegant touch. With a 2 3/4" edge length, blade OAL 5 3/4" and a hand made leather pocket sheath I think I may have pulled it off. The Ancient days finish rounds out the knife for a solid grip texture and some cool factor.

Heat treat done by Pual Bos heat treating to my specifications. Target hardness 61-62Hrc, 2125f Austenitize temp, cryo, temper. This is to split the difference in toughness vs hardness. going higher hardness can cause excess retained austenite and make the steel more brittle. So I split the difference in Austenitizing temp (2100-2150) so as to get a little more hardness and a little more toughness.


Blade: CPM 20CV, 3/16 thick, 2 3/4" edge, OAL of 5 3/4"

Blade Finish: Ancient days finish

Sheath: Pocket sheath, Right hand, 6-7Oz vegetable tanned leather, light brown stain. Pocket clip.

Weight: 3 Oz


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