What is a custom and hows it made

So you want to order your custom knife/tool and you have questions.

Custom is defined as:

"Made or built according to the needs of a particular buyer"

So with the above in mind lets talk about how I make that happen within the confines of the knife/tool industry. There are a few of different versions of custom

  • Individually made to order
  • Makers choice
  • limited run, typically less than 25 made

How its made:

All Hoback Custom Knives are made by me in the US in the great state of Idaho.

Each knife is individually made one by one. With maximum attention to detail to every component. All programming for CNC machining is done by me along with all the parametric CAD/CAM.

All blades are hand ground on my manual grinders.

Every knife is broke in before is ships so there is never a need to sit and fiddle with the knife before it functions properly.  

I use a variety of tools at my disposal, in my fully outfitted machine shop. State of the art CNC machining centers, manual lathes/mills/grinders/drill presses, hydraulic presses.


Lets dive into some more specific details of each of the above categories

Individually made to order:


Choose which knife/tool you want to have made, then choose every aspect of that knife/tool. there are an almost infinite amount of options when going this route. hopefully I've been able to build a page that you find allows you to choose every feature to your hearts content that you want tailored to your specific wants and needs.

You have the ability to choose

Blade steel
Blade finish
Frame materials
Frame finishes
Special features like inlays and textures
Custom engravings/personalization


Makers Choice:


These knives/tools are ones that I made with maximum creativity in mind. I let my imagination go wild and build a very unique often one of a kind knife/tool.


Limited Run:


This is where you get to buy something that is extremely limited and available quickly. Often its a base type model of a custom that will be less expensive than a made to order or a Makers choice.



So with all that in mind, your next question is...

Whats the difference between a Hoback Custom knife and a Jake Hoback Knives Production knife.

Well that's a easy question to answer and its fairly straight forward. Where/How its made is the answer.

"Quality isn't even a question because I don't ever let quality slip in either case. Both companies hold the same quality standards."

Jake Hoback Knives are outsource manufactured to the highest standard possible on a world wide scale. On a production level, or what we would consider a sprint run production (meaning 100-300 pc at a time) everything still runs through my custom shop before it goes out the door and we have a extraordinary QC team that takes care of every aspect of the knife before it gets cleaned, adjusted, packaged and shipped to customers.

Hoback Customs are made one at a time or sometimes in small batches (10-20) 100% in my custom shop, here in Idaho. What that means is the attention goes into each knife individually. all parts are tuned and fitted to the individual knife. Blades are hand ground, bearings are hand set, polishing, deburing is all a hand finished job. so you are getting a uniquely made individual knife like no other, every single time. As perfect as I'm able to make them.