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Folding Knife CAD service

Folding Knife CAD service

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Often times we get into something and realize that we have no clue what we are doing. You still want to move forward, but sometimes you need a hand.

This is where I come in. I've been making/designing/engineering/machining my inventions for over 30 years. I've been a fulltime machinist/knife maker for 20 years. I've done private consulting for very large and prestigious companies and many small companies over the years as well.

If you have a drawing that you would like to turn into a parametric CAD file that will allow you to go to a machine shop and have it made, outsource to a large OEM company, or even use it as a starting point to approach a knife company for a collaboration I can make that happen.

How it works. I'm a knife maker mercenary.

Customer must supply a reasonable drawing either by hand or on some form of computer application. The drawing must have some dimensions included like 

  • Blade length
  • Metric or imperial sizing
  • Materials wanted.
  • lock type
  • any information you think I should know.

Just know that your drawing will change, if you don't know how to design a folding knife, understand that it will inevitably look slightly different than you're drawing once it's made to actually work in the real world.

But if you'd like to revise then you pay the piper. I will give some updates to the process while I move along it, I'll have questions and I'll send a picture or two along the way, but I will charge by the hour for changes that I consider above and beyond the scope of the original drawing. Basically, know that I don't work for free, and people often think that it's so easy to just make a little change, when in fact it often takes hours of work to make small changes.


This service is for 12 hours of CAD/Design engineering work. I will track the hours worked and update as needed.

your designs are yours, once paid for. I will email them to you, and you will own all the rights to them. I make no claim to them once the service is complete. I'm happy to sign an NDA as well.

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