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Solid bronze bearing for Production knives

Solid bronze bearing for Production knives

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This is for those hardcore knife guys, that have to have a bronze pivot bearing instead of a ball bearing. You asked and I provided!

Bronze bearings are liked because they give a stronger knife overall due to the distribution of force over a larger area on the blade and frames. Bronze bearings are used often in very high force/pressure/extreme environment applications, from heavy equipment pivot points to extreme high pressure ball valves for nuclear power plants.

Keep in mind that bronze bearings will not offer as free movement of a bearing as a ball bearing, so expect some break-in along with some very slight blade play depending on how tight you like to keep your pivot. unless you keep your pivot slightly loose you will not get a fall closed action.

Again!!! bronze bearings will not feel the same as ball bearings, no refunds will be given for this reason.

Each different version of these bearings is made to order, to fit your knife. please allow a couple weeks for delivery. I make these bearings from either bar stock or an over sized bronze thrust washer and manually turn these to size on my lathe.

Choose your knife carefully from the list, as it will determine which bearing you get.


if you are not 100% sure, please email me


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