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Ps2 Axe Customized production. Stoneage handles

Ps2 Axe Customized production. Stoneage handles

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Building on the last several axe designs and adding a few new features, we came up with an awesome spike hawk styled axe!

At 15 inches in length, you have plenty of handle to get leverage for chopping, and at 17 oz. you can swing this axe like a machete and gain an enormous amount of kinetic energy. The balance point is just behind the top of the handle, so as a combative tool it will feel very light and fast in the hand. The bevels are scalloped to guide the edge into the cut and reduce the number of glancing blows.

The top edge is inspired by the Sayoc Kali style of fighting axe as a penetrating tip and hard object smasher! Or you can crack that coconut with the spike to your own delight.

The handle is fully enclosed but a completely full tang.  

The sheath is vacuum-formed and perfectly molded for protecting the axe and yourself from most environments.


Length: 15.5”
Haft Length: 13"
Head: Top Edge 2.17”, Bottom Edge 3.5”
Spike: 1.125" Tall, 1.2” Long
Blade Thickness:  0.27”
Handle Thickness:  0.64”
Forward Edge to Spike:  7.19””
Steel:  AEB-L Steel
Finish:  Stonewash
Handle:  Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Handle Bolts:  Blue Anodized Titanium
Weight:  21.2 oz. Without Sheath
Sheath:  Bottom-eject Kydex


  • Full internal/external lightening pockets
  • Removable handles


  • Stoneage Handles
  • Flame anoded titanium handle bolts

Made in China by Bestech from domestic and imported parts.

Customized in Idaho, USA by Jake Hoback

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